I am an LA-based art book editor, designer, and author. Click on the links for more info. 


•Peter Shire: Major Mania Mio, Hat & Beard Press, 2018 (Designer)


California Crazy: American Pop Architecture, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

All-American Ads of the 90s, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

Dark City: The Real Los Angeles Noir, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

20th Century Alcohol & Tobacco Ads, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

The Will to Draw, Ampersand, 2017 (Editor, designer)

Matthew Weiner. Mad Men, TASCHEN, 2016 (Picture research)

Surfing, 1778–today, TASCHEN, 2016 (Editorial management)

Shore Leave, Boyo Press, 2016, (Editor, designer, publisher)

365 Day-by-Day, Surfing, TASCHEN, 2014 (Editorial coordination)

Protect Yourself, Boyo Press, 2014, (Editor, publisher)

Pot Shots, Boyo Press, 2012 (Editor, photographer, publisher)

Menu Design in America, TASCHEN, 2011 (Archivist)

Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, TASCHEN, 2009 (Collaboration)

Arts & Architecture: 1945–1954, TASCHEN, 2008 (Editorial coordination)