LA-based book editor and designer. Click on the links for more info. 


Dark City: The Real Los Angeles Noir, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

•California Crazy, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

20th Century Alcohol & Tobacco, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

•All-American Ads 1990s, TASCHEN, 2018 (Editorial coordination)

•Peter Shire: Major Mania Mio, Hat & Beard Press, 2018 (Designer)


The Will to Draw, Ampersand, 2017 (Editor, designer)

Matthew Weiner. Mad Men, TASCHEN, 2016 (Picture research)

Surfing, 1778-today, TASCHEN, 2016 (Editorial management)

Shore Leave, Boyo Press, 2016, (Editor, designer, publisher)

365 Day-by-Day, Surfing, TASCHEN, 2014 (Editorial coordination)

Protect Yourself, Boyo Press, 2014, (Editor, publisher)

Pot Shots, Boyo Press, 2012 (Editor, photographer, publisher)

Menu Design in America, TASCHEN, 2011 (Archivist)

Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, TASCHEN, 2009 (Collaboration)

Arts & Architecture: 1945–1954, TASCHEN, 2008 (Editorial coordination)